Kari Beadner, Execuative Director 

 Guiding Star Orange City has begun from a growth of FertilityCare Education. Kari Beadner opened Orange City FertilityCare Center in 2012. The Center teaches the Creighton Model FertilityCare System and NaPro Technology. It has been a natural progression to begin the process of opening a Guiding Star Center in Orange City, IA. Kari Beadner is the Executive Director, married to Aaron and mother to a 5 year old, 3 year old, a baby resting in the arms of Jesus and a baby born May 2017. Kari is a Certified FertilityCare Practitioner and a Certified Labor Doula. She is passionate about empowering women and families in their natural functions and fertility as well as encouraging them closer to their creator.

Jessica Worthley- Treasurer 

I am passionate about the work Guiding Star Orange City will be doing.  I could have only hoped it was around sooner!  After dealing with Endometriosis for years, I finally found Orange City Fertility Care who got me in contact with Pope Paul VI Institute to perform surgery to remove it.  During my first pregnancy, I asked around for local doulas to help me through labor.  After a few dead ends, I was able to find one.  My breastfeeding journey brought more struggles as I searched to find an IBCLC who could help me with my supply issues and my son’s posterior tongue tie.  These are now services that local women will be able to go to Guiding Star Orange City to find, saving them time and further discouragement.  I was born and raised in Remsen, Iowa.  I graduated from Buena Vista University in 2009 with my BA in Business Administration.  I then decided to pursue my MBA in Finance from Bellevue University in 2011.  I married my husband Josh in 2013 and we welcomed our first son, Sebastian, in 2016.  I am now a stay-at-home mom after working in the financial industry for 6 years.  We recently moved to Danville, Virginia but I am continuing as Treasurer because I know how much Guiding Star Orange City is needed in Northwest Iowa.

Kristin Williams – Secretary

When I first heard about Guiding Star and read their philosophy, I knew I had to be involved somehow! A place that has a heart for women and offers a natural, holistic, and life-affirming approach to healthcare is something I care deeply about!

As a wife and mom of two, I especially see this need as I am raising a beautiful teenage daughter. In a world that is sending her all kinds of messages on who she is or should be. I want her to know her Creator and to see how perfectly He designed her body. My hope is to help encourage girls like her and other women on their journey!

I am honored and grateful to come along side of these amazing women in serving as Secretary of the Board. I am excited to see how God will work through Guiding Star!

Elessa Marker – Spiritual Director

Guiding Star Project’s mission to support family life in holistic and life affirming ways spoke to my heart. God has given us life and to have a vehicle such as this to share through is an honor to be a part of. I am a wife, mother of 4 (and 1 son in love!) and work as a student ministry assistant at our church. I serve my community sharing the true life-Jesus Christ- through many avenues including bible studies, counseling or just chatting over a cup of coffee. I am thankful for the opportunities the Lord gives me and seek to glorify Him in each.

Brynn De Jager – Board Member at Large

As a board member of Guiding Star Orange City, I hope to encourage and empower women and their families through natural family planning, adoption, child birth, breastfeeding and family life. Through the natural family planning process I have gained a deeper appreciation for women’s health and the miracle of life. I have been married to my husband Brody for 6 years and work in Purchasing at Quatro Composites. I am excited to see the impact Guiding Star Orange City will have on women and families in our area.

Positions open:

  • Board Chair 
  • Board Vice Chiar
  • PR/Media Director

Please contact Execuative Director kari@guidingstarorangecity.org to apply