Childbirth and Pregnancy Support

Women and their partners need to be supported throughout their pregnancy and the birth of their child. Guiding Star proposes that women and their partners need diversified support, whether they are experiencing expected or unintended pregnancy.

Childbirth Education and Preparation

Siouxland Childbirth Education is a Guiding Star Orange City partner providing a variety of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Lactation classes. Check back often for new class offerings!

 Comfort Techniques in Labor Class

Designed by God Birth Class

Early Pregnancy Natural Care Class




Birth Support and Doula Services

A doula has invested time in developing a relationship with you, is professionally trained, and remains with you, providing emotional and physical support, through your entire birth!

Kari Beadner, CLD (CBI)

Siouxland Childbirth Education

Pregnancy Support

Guiding Star Orange City is here to to support you in every part of your Pregnancy! Planned or Unplanned, our supportive staff and volunteers are building a Pregnancy Reacource Center to support the many needs that expectant parents may have. Orange City FertilityCare Center is able to help in many aspects, including miscarriage risks and Progesterone monitoring

Early Pregnancy Natural Care Class

Orange City FertilityCare Center

Isakson Chiropractic

Stange Chiropractic

Renew Massage

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support

Awakening Grace is available to Support families in the time of miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death.

Berevment Doulas availble through Doula Kari Beadner as needed. 

Miscarriage Support Group – Meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at Guiding Star Orange City. (currently looking for a leader for this group).

Adoption Services

 Bethany Christian Services is a reasource of Guiding Star Orange City which provides Adoption Services and Parent advocates for those interested in Adoption as an option for their child.