Guiding Star Orange City relies on faithful and generous monthly donors who make monthly contributions that are used to underwrite vital operating expenditures. If you are able to contribute on a monthly basis, we would be most grateful. Your gifts are used to support the work we are doing to support women and their families in Northwest Iowa. Please consider a monthly pledge of support to sustain our Natural, Wholistic, Life-Affirming work.

Giving Tuesday is November 27, 2018 On Giving Tuesday we will Launch our Guiding Star 100 Club!
Our Goal is to have 100 people give $100 between November 27th and December 31st. 

We invite you to join us!

Join the Fun on Giving Tuesday when we go “Live” and introduce you to our partners, staff and some client testimonies!

Give a One-Time gift of $100 to join the 100 Club or become a Monthly member committing to $100 per month. All donations welcome and appreciated in any denomination. 

All Donations will go directly to our mission to Build a Culture of Life through Celebrating the Natural Normal functions of Woman. Guiding Star Orange City offers services and options for women for Natural FertilityCare, Childbirth/Pregnancy, Postpartum/Breastfeeding and Family Life.

Support Building a Culture of Life

Tax – deductible donations can be made electraniclly or by sending a check to:

Guiding Star Orange City 127 Albany Ave SE Orange City, IA 51041

Thank you for your support!