Guiding Star Orange City relies on faithful and generous monthly donors who make monthly contributions that are used to underwrite vital operating expenditures. If you are able to contribute on a monthly basis, we would be most grateful. Your gifts are used to support the work we are doing to support women and their families in Northwest Iowa. Please consider a monthly pledge of support to sustain our Natural, Wholistic, Life-Affirming work.

2nd Annual Guiding Star Gala April16th!

Keynote Speaker: Abby Johnson

Pairie Winds Event Center Orange City, IA

We invite you to join us!

All Donations will go directly to our mission to Build a Culture of Life through Celebrating the Natural Normal functions of Woman. Guiding Star Orange City offers services and options for women for Natural FertilityCare, Childbirth/Pregnancy, Postpartum/Breastfeeding and Family Life.

Support Building a Culture of Life

Tax – deductible donations can be made electraniclly or by sending a check to:

Guiding Star Orange City 127 Albany Ave SE Orange City, IA 51041

Thank you for your support!