Wrapped – Group Meet Up

Bring your littles and your wraps, slings, and carriers of all sorts! We are excited to see how many of them have grown and hopefully meet some new ones! Doesn’t matter if you are an old pro, new to babywearing, or are curious! Come and join us!

Wrapped – Introduction to Baby Wearing

We’ll be talking about benefits of babywearing, sharing some tips, and doing some demonstrations! {If you have a carrier you love and would like to demonstrate how you use it, please let us know! We’d like to have a variety of carriers shown!}

Introduction to Cloth Diapering

This introduction class focuses on the basics of cloth diapering including the different types of cloth diapers that are out there now-a-days, how many cloth diapers are needed for using cloth full and part time, the cost differences between different cloth options as...

Eating It Forward

What eating habits are you passing on to your family?  This is a nutrition discussion about how our food choices impact you and your family’s future health. We will explore good/bad nutrition and lifestyle choices. We will share some healthy tips on how to break...

What To Expect After Baby

You have read all the books about labor and delivery, but are you informed about what changes you will experience after you have your baby? Join us for an informative and fun session on everything you need to know about postpartum; from crazy hormones to hair loss and...