October 18, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Guiding Star Orange City
127 Albany Ave SE
Jamie DeJong
712-395- 1520
We welcome Jamie DeJong. Holistic Nutritionist back to Guiding Star again to teach “Overcoming the Family Battle over Nutrition vs Unhealthy Cravings”
This 1 hour nutrition class is for you if:
You struggle to get your family to eat healthy foods?
You want to eat healthy but can’t seem to get your family to jump on board?
You are left frustrated battling those unhealthy family cravings meanwhile your loved ones are becoming nutritionally deficient.
90% of Americans are nutritionally deficient. Heart Disease, II Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity are all on the rise. The chances of getting these diseases are greatly decreased with improved nutrition. Is your family building health or destroying health? Let’s get America healthy! It all begins at our home tables.
Join us October 18th 7:00 PM $5 Registration fee