Awakening Grace

“Encouraging families enduring the loss of child during pregnancy or infancy to grieve bravely, heal gently, and remember boldly.”

Guiding Star Orange City is proud to officially welcome to The Awakening Grace Foundation as a new Partner in our Cultivating a Culture of Life. October is Pregnancy and infant Loss Awareness month. As we bring  awareness daily to the natural functions and abilities of the female body and cultivate a culture that respects life from conception, we must also bring awareness to the lives that only last a short time. Join us in welcoming Awakening Grace to our movement of bringing the inherent dignity of every human being beginning with natural conception and ending with natural death.

The Awakening Grace Foundation is a nonprofit organization formed in April of 2015. Better known as Awakening Grace, the mission is to encourage families enduring the loss of a child during pregnancy or infancy to grieve bravely, heal gently, and remember boldly. They do this by supporting families with photography services, custom burial garments for all gestations, and care packages, known as Arrows of Hope, during their loss.  Arrows of Hope contain snacks, comfort items for both parents, and memorial items including a bear handmade from a wedding dress. Awakening Grace also acts as a resource center for families, providing them with information including, but not limited to, support groups, books that may assist in the grieving process, remembrance ideas, and funeral expense assistance information when needed.

The name Awakening Grace comes from the two boys who inspired its creation, Shane Michael Kleyer and Aiden Robert Elliott. Aiden means “little fiery one”, fire meaning “to awaken”. Shane means “Gift of God, gift of grace.” With the passing of these boys, Awakening Grace was born. The meaning of “awakening grace” is to educate the public on the grieving an entire family endures during the loss of a child during this stage of life. It asks that society bestow compassion and understanding upon those families. It also asks that families bestow that same compassion and understanding upon themselves.

Awakening Grace has impacted our community and many families outside of our community. These families have lost dear loved children and because of the Awakening Grace Foundation they are given the ability to remember these babies and to declare their humanness and celebrate their life. When we celebrate life no matter how long it is with us we are indeed Cultivating a Culture of life. Thank you Awakening Grace for leading our community in this profound mission!

A few events sponsored by Awakening Grace this month that you may want to attend or support:

October 17th  – Community Impact Tip Night at Pizza Ranch Orange City 5-8pm

October 22nd – Shooting for Our Angels– Family Photo opportunity Fundraiser

If you would like more information about how Awakening Grace can serve you, please contact at

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